Wednesday, January 30, 2008

the word is that there is no word

R. called C. this afternoon only to find out there is STILL NO WORD. Today is the 7th day we have been waiting for a definite travel date. C. said there is still a 90% chance we are going on the 9th, but did not recommend buying our plane ticket yet, unless we wanted to gamble. We are not risk takers by nature, so we will wait until Friday. Booking the apt. early was as much risk as we feel comfortable taking right now!

My mother and sisters all called, anxious to hear if we were getting on the plane, and I had to tell them yet again that I don't know yet! My family has been so wonderfully supportive. (Love you guys so much!)

Our dossier is supposed to be registered in the Moscow region on Friday, and we should get our definite travel date then. That means we will only have 1 week's notice. We do have the apartment reserved, but we do not have plane tickets or a visa yet. ARGH! This increases the cost for us, as well as the tension. I am not as upset as I was earlier today, but I'm still stressed.

Karyn thanks so much for your email this afternoon! You have been such a great friend during this journey! Sorry I haven't posted sooner. I had to leave the house and take a break from the computer for a while.

After we got the news that there was no news, I was really upset. The most upset that I have been during this whole process, I think. I was at my limit with anxiety and frustration. I changed clothes, and we went downtown to get our fingerprints done for the FBI clearance. When we arrived, they asked us if we had brought the fingerprint cards with us. They do not use their criminal cards for this type of clearance. Of course, because I was already having such a good day, we forgot to bring the fingerprint cards I had downloaded from the FBI website. We had left them at home, sitting on the dining room table. We told the woman at the desk that we would be back, and we drove home to get them. After we returned, we paid, and went downstairs. The police sargeant met us, and took us to the booking room. I told A. I felt like I was on a bad episode of "Cops"! We gave him our fingerprint forms, and they did not fit into the card holder. That did not help my stress level. He took our cards and left us in the room. After a few agonizing minutes, when I'm thinking he's going to tell us he can't take our prints for us, and I'm going to get in big trouble for having a meltdown in the police station, he returns. Some nice person trimmed the cards. We got our prints taken finally. We happily took them to the FedEx drop box and sent them on their way!

Then we decided as long as their was no news. and as long as we were out and about, that we would go do some shopping for gift items. We actually had some success. We went to the local University Bookstore, 2 other local bookstores, and a local market/deli. We found some good regional items that reflect this area. Then I felt a little better, because we did get something accomplished today.

On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks, which we don't normally do, and it was a nice treat.

So now, I have had a little time to calm down. Big sigh. I think this means Friday will be a very busy day, hopefully getting our plane tickets and sending our visa application on its way. I don't want to think about these travel details anymore! I want all this resolved, and off my mind, so I can focus solely on Baby F, and finally seeing his/her sweet little baby face.


Susan & Randy said...

We didn't find out until Friday that we would travel one week later. When you find out you'll get an email from C with the invites. You'll print those off and send them with your Visa app along with two pictures. We sent ours on Saturday a.m. and paid for next day service with the consulate at $200/each. We paid for Fed Ex to overnight them, it was pricey but they got them there fast. They were in NY by Monday before 10:00 am. They turned them around really fast and we got them today by 10:00 am. Yes it is going to cost you and that stinks but it is doable. Book your ticket as soon as you get the word and after that all you need to do is pack. You'll be okay!! I promise, we are there right now in the seven day crunch getting it all done. I even managed to get registered at Target for my baby shower. You can do it.

Tiger & Kar said...

Oh shoot! I'm so sorry Ana. I was really hoping you'd be furiously typing away on Travelocity, Expedia or Kayak this evening...

You have my work email address now so feel free to contact me ANY TIME either at home or at work, whether to rejoice or to vent! K?

Hey, I have an idea. If you want a distraction until Friday you can help me figure out how to make the new header I made for our blog fit correctly. Blogger isn't playing nice & I'm really frustated with HTML right now! That sounds like fun, doesn't it?? :-)

ana & russ said...

Susan, I hadn't thought about sending FedEx on Saturday. We live in a smaller town, but I just checked, and there are 2 places in town with Saturday service. Thanks for the suggestion!

Karyn, I'd much rather mess with html than think about travel plans! LOL
Thanks again for all your support. :)

Antoine & Lori said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get the green light today.... But I'm sure it will all fall together -- and don't forget, the only things that have to arrive in Moscow for Trip One are the parents-to-be! The rest is gravy. One week's notice will be enough time -- we've never had a problem getting quick turnaround on our visas! I'll keep my fingers crossed for y'all tomorrow.

Dede said...

I'm looking forward to reading tomorrow that you have your travel dates. Like Susan said, don't sweat it. It is all very doable in a week.

Susan & Randy said...

Ana, just make sure you get there early. I was at our place when they opened at 9:30 to make sure I didn't miss the pickup. There is only one Saturday pick up to get it to NY by 10:00 am Monday morning.

Beth said...

Ana...hoping you hear news of travel dates tomorrow. You are sooo patient!