Tuesday, January 22, 2008

begging and beautification

Today was a better day, in spite of the weather forecasters, who were at it again. They were calling for freezing rain this morning, but of course, when we got up, nothing. So I was able to leave town without worry. My sister A. is a hair stylist in a nice salon, a little over an hour away, so I went to see her this morning. She fixed my hair - a trim and highlights to cover all the grey! My sister has a wonderful eye for color. I have challenging hair - very naturally curly and lots of premature grey, but she can always make it look great! I wouldn't want anyone else to do my hair. Now I'm ready to go have the pictures taken for our visa application.

After she performed her miracles, we went and had lunch. It was so nice to spend some time with her today. It perked me up after the frustrations of this past weekend.

When R got home from work, he took our medical forms to FedEx, and now those are on their way to our agency. It felt very good to send those!

Thanks to info from another family with our agency, I was able search online and find the email address for the USCIS officer that processes the adoption petitions in our regional office. I was so excited when I found that! After R got back from FedEx, we sat down together and wrote an email, begging for them to expedite the processing of our paperwork so that we can travel and to please let us know when we can expect to receive our approval, so we can finalize a travel date. Until we know when the approval will arrive, our dossier won't be registered, and we won't have firm travel dates.

Thanks, Karyn for reminding me that the timing is all in God's hands. As impatient people, we do what we can to further the process along, but ultimately, it will all happen according to His plan. Even though I lose sight of it in the heat of the moment, I do trust that He knows what's best, both for us and for Baby F.

P.S. Both going and returning today, I drove past the house that has the 2 llamas! This morning, they were in the back pasture, and I could hardly see them, but this afternoon, they were grazing and hanging out closer to the road, so I was able to get my adorable llama fix!


Tiger & Kar said...

I had to laugh when I read this. We live in the "sticks" as far as DC is concerned. We only have 12 houses on our street, and each lot is 3-7 acres. We can't see any other houses when there are leaves on the trees. Anyway...

Our closest neighbor recently added a beautiful llama to their menagerie of animals. Unfortunately I didn't know about the llama until the last time I walked my dog, Bay. The llama somehow escaped from its backyard and WAS NOT HAPPY AT ALL to see me & Bay so close to its territory. It started spitting at us and making hideous noises at us. Then, it charged and started chasing us. Now, aren't dogs supposed to be your protector? Well, not mine! Bay was GONE before I even realized what happened. She ripped her leash out of my hand, tucked that normally wagging tail between her legs & was outta there! Norm was in the yard and saw Bay running for her life, fur all standing up on her back, drool hanging out of her moth, and the poor guy had no idea what in the world happened. But he knew that not seeing me attached to the other end of Bay's leash was not a good sign! When I finally got home & told him what had happened, he about died laughing. Turns out the llama is very people friendly but has no tolerance for dogs!

ana & russ said...

Karyn, that is hilarious! Thank goodness I've never been close enough to the llamas for them to spit or charge! I just admire their cuteness from a respectful distance! LOL

Debbie B said...

I hope the letter will expedite your form.

Joy said...

I am waiting for my 171-H also. I started a ticker on my blog to count down the days. Today is offically 3 months. I feel your pain.