Wednesday, January 16, 2008

*** snow ***

It actually snowed tonight! Not much, just a dusting, but it's still snow! A little preparation for what we'll see in Moscow in 3 weeks!

Made some progress on the packing front. I ordered the rest of the clothes that we needed. From Land's End, I ordered coats, scarves, and long underwear for both of us and a cute fleece hat for me. Then I ordered another pair of pants for myself, dark grey slacks. I wanted another pair of dressier pants, since I'm not taking cords or jeans. I am taking a pair of comfy yoga pants though, to wear when we're hanging out in the apartment. Except for snacks and a few items from Target, I think that's everything we need, at least for this trip. I can't wait until I know Baby F.'s age, so I can start buying baby clothes!

R took my charm bracelet to the jeweler's today, to have the charm added that he gave me for Christmas. Of course, it's a little llama! It's SO adorable! I won't be taking it to Russia, but I'm looking forward to wearing it to church.

I wish I could turn off my brain. It's just so full! I'm so glad that we're going to Asheville on Saturday to meet Norm & Karyn. It will give me something to think about besides packing!


Tiger & Kar said...

Good morning! Russia in 3 weeks...that sounds so strange doesn't it? I had hoped we would be able to travel together but I bet I'll be right behind you!

Norm & I are really looking forward to Saturday as well. I'm hoping the weather cooperates with us.

Oh, and I love the llama charm! What a cute idea!

Troy and Rachel said...

Sounds like you are almost all set to go!! Keep us posted! The llama charm sounds adorable!