Monday, January 21, 2008


Even though it was a holiday, UPS was still working, and our coats arrived today. They are perfect. We had a few errands to run this afternoon, so I wore mine and took it out for a test drive. It's very warm, and will work very well in Moscow. We also got new scarves.

I wish I had more news. I didn't have a good weekend. I was frustrated and irritated, because we didn't get to meet Norm and Karyn and because nothing arrived in the mail from USCIS. I'm SO frustrated that the immigration approval might delay our travel.

I am SO ready to finish packing and get on that plane. I'm SO ready to meet Baby F. and bring him/her home. The waiting is getting harder with every passing day.

P.S. I was inspired by Karyn to add the USCIS approval tracker, especially since that's all that stands between us and traveling right now!


Beth said...

Glad you got a warm coat :) You will be in Moscow soon, I just know it! Any luck contacting your local USICS office? I know that frustrated feeling - I was stalking our mail carrier!

Christine said...

Have you traveled on your first trip? We traveled on our first trip without the approval. You only need it for court, not to meet your child on the first trip. At least that is how it was done back in 2005. Regardless, I hope you get it soon. We are in the same boat as you right now.

Tiger & Kar said...

Ana - who knew we look alike?? LOL! (referring to the ticker tracker thing...)

Like you, I'm irritated that USCIS is now the only thing holding us back from traveling. At the same time it's also really cool that we (meaning all families in our agency, not just me & Norm) have the flexibility to travel so soon after we receive approval. You know that C is going to have you on the first plane outta here as soon as you have that hot little paper in your hands!

For what it's worth, today just happens to be a good day for me. Or maybe it's just a good morning because I made the coffee extra strong, I dunno! But right now I am so comforted knowing that we are "this close" to having Baby C home. If we had stayed with our original agency we'd be nowhere near the point where we are now.

Just remember, or try to remember, that the reason for the delay may be that your little one needs to come off the database. Or maybe you need to be in the States for a couple days longer for some reason that you're totally unaware of right now. There are lots of possibilities but what it really boils down to is that God's timing is perfect for you and for Baby F. I know it is so hard to focus on that, but I also know that you rely on God as I do and that you will be blessed with Baby F very soon!

Wow - this could perhaps be the longest comment I've ever posted... Anyway, stay strong, email me anytime you need to vent, and remember that soon this frustration will be long forgotten!

Dede said...

Have you contacted the USCIS and told them they are holding up your travel? We ran into the same thing and they told us it was being processed so our agency went ahead and sent us on Trip 1. It arrived the day before we left. I had to push them to get it done but once they found out they were holding up our adoption it seemed to help with the processing speed. My next step was to contact my congress person if I didn't get it in time.