Thursday, January 24, 2008

no news today

Well, C. called, and there is no news today. She was having difficulty reaching Moscow. She had sent an email, which bounced back, and then called multiple locations and was unable to get through.

If she is able to reach S. and our dossier is registered in the morning, then we could still travel on the 2nd. We are anxious about that, because that would only give us 1 week to get our visas, tickets, apartment reservations, etc. At this point, it is most likely we will be traveling on Feb. 9. I told C. we were fine with that. She'll call us tomorrow, hopefully with firm travel dates. So for now, more waiting. Ugh.

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Lori said...

If you're there February 9, we may run into each other. Latest news for us is court probably in mid-February! Just around the corner for both of us. Hang in there. Lori