Friday, January 18, 2008


We had planned to meet Norm & Karyn tomorrow for lunch, but now we're under a snow advisory, so we're not going. The weather is just not cooperating. I'm SO disappointed. I really wanted to talk to them face to face and get to know them better. I've really enjoyed the friendship we've started through our blogs and email. I'm so bummed that we won't be spending time with them tomorrow.

We also thought that on our way home tomorrow we'd have a chance to go by our agency and turn in our medical forms. We were going to talk to C. for a few minutes before heading home. Now we won't be able to do that either. I'll have to FedEx our medical forms on Monday.

The other disappointment today was a possible delay in our travel dates. Technically, we can travel on our 1st trip without having our 171-H, but if we do, our court date would be delayed. We need the 171-H to get a court date. It would extend our time between trips 1 and 2, and no one wants that. Not our agency, and certainly not us. So, if the 171-H doesn't arrive soon, it could push our travel date from Feb. 9 to later in Feb. I'm bummed about that too. I was really hoping we could leave for Moscow in 3 weeks. So, we'll wait and see what the mail (or snail as I call it) brings.


Beth said...

Oh Ana, so sorry the weather is not cooperating this weekend for your lunch with Karyn and Norm :( I am sending you an email about the I-171H.

Troy and Rachel said...

I hope that I-171H comes in soon. I understand not wanting to pro-long the time in between trips.

Debbie B said...

So sorry for the delay. I hope you get that coveted form soon so you can travel.