Thursday, January 24, 2008

a little progress

Well, even though we still don't know when we're traveling, at least we managed to get something accomplished today. We took the copy of our I-171H and got it notarized, then we took it straight to FedEx, so it's on its way to be apostilled. Then we went to a locally owned shipping store to get the photos for our visa application. We got all the photos we needed for both visa applications. They are not flattering and could be dmv photos, but at least they weren't as bad as my passport photo, which I think is the all time worst photo ever taken of me!

Everyone was so supportive. The notary asked all about Baby F. and was so excited for us. She is the human resources director where R. works, and she talked to us about adding Baby F. to our health insurance as soon as possible. She was very helpful. Then when we were having our photos taken, the guy told us he is expecting his 1st child in March, and he also knew a family who had adopted from Russia. When the FedEx driver came in to pick up packages, she was telling us about the families she knew who had adopted from Russia. Everyone was congratulating us and seemed genuinely happy for us. I really needed that today. Their enthusiasm helped take the sting out of not getting a travel date today.

Please pray that God guides everyone who comes in contact with our dossier.

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