Saturday, January 26, 2008

no worries

I'm not going to worry about whether we can get an apartment or a flight next week. When we do finally get the invitation to travel, we will make the reservations, and it will all work out. I really feel that deep down. God will take care of us. He has brought us this far. This time last year, we had just made the decision to adopt, and I had just started doing some research and reading some blogs. When I think of all we've accomplished in the last year (selling our house, buying another house, renovations while we lived in a cramped apartment, home study, dossier, ALL that paperwork), I'm just amazed. Did we really do all that in the last year? It doesn't seem possible, and yet it all happened.

Earlier this summer, I read something I really liked on one of the blogs. (So sorry I don't remember who wrote this originally.) They said that we don't travel to Russia alone. God is already there. He has gone ahead of us and prepared our way.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" -- Philippians 4:6-7


Joy said...

Somehow it all falls into place. I just know that you will get your travel dates soon and then you will be on your way.

Michael and Carrie said...

It's amazing that everything has happened so quickly for you all! I hope that you get good news very soon. In the meantime, what great verses you are claiming! God can truly help you through your anxiety and give you peace in the midst of waiting and being patient as you wait for "the call!" :)

Tiger & Kar said...

Hey Ana! I know you posted this a few days ago, and that I'm late chiming in but THANK YOU for this beautiful verse.

When I look back on where Norm & I were a year ago, we hadn't even started thinking again about adoption. I had given up in 2006 and didn't think we would ever be able to go through with an international adoption.

It wasn't until our anniversary in August 07 that we started getting serious about it again. We explored agencies and signed with CSS in October. Fast forward to today and I get a wonderful message from Beth that she personally handed over our dossier to S. this morning! Like you said, is it possible that we've been able to come this far in just over 3 months.

I'm not freaking out anymore about the 171H. We'll get it when we're supposed to, and shortly after that we'll have our travel dates. The verse you left us with makes me think, what's waiting a possible 9 weeks for USCIS approval when we've been waiting nearly 13 years to become parents?! Anyway, I'm at peace today and am very comforted knowing God is leading us to our little one.