Tuesday, February 5, 2008

question (to pass the time)

Why isn't it time to go yet?

Actually, that's not the only question that comes to mind right now. R and I were sitting in our living room, chatting to pass the time, and he mentioned that every single person we have told that we are adopting said that they know someone who has adopted, and then they have shared the story with us. Some domestic, some international, but always, they know someone who has adopted. Policeman, store clerks, government officials, it doesn't matter. Everyone seems to have a personal connection to an adoption story. Has anyone else noticed this?


Tiger & Kar said...

It seems like everytime Norm & I turn around we meet someone new who has adopted, or is in process, or has a friend/family member that has/is.

In my opinion, if you're going to be part of some sort of statistic being an adoptive parent is about as good as it gets! I take that back...it's the BEST!

What other questions can we answer to help you pass time?

Or, were you serious about helping me w/ my new header to pass time? If so, I'll send you an email!

Rob said...

Yeah, it does seem like other adoptive couples just come out of the woodwork once they discover that you are adopting.

And we get so many comments from people who praise Dede & me for so generously providing a home for an orphaned child. Honestly, this has made me a little uncomfortable on a few ocassions because we never really approached it from a "look at us doing a good deed" perspective. If anything, adopting Liam seems kinda self-serving - that is, our adoption process was a means to get something WE wanted: a child. This wasn't an especially altruistic gesture on our part so I feel a little odd when people dote on us for being so charitable.

Of course, all three of our lives are already are being enriched beyond belief. Just thinking about the experiences of the past 5 days with Liam makes my heart soar. Watching Dede finally get to be a momma fills me with joy.

ana & russ said...

Rob, I know what you mean. We've heard the "what a lucky child" too, and it's all backwards. WE are the lucky ones; WE are the ones who will be blessed. It's all about love and finally being a family.

I LOVED your last paragraph. Your bliss is shining through, and it's awesome!