Friday, February 1, 2008

excited, exhausted, and then excited again

What a day! As soon as the email from C. arrived, my heart just started racing! I couldn't believe we were really going! Immediately I started trying to book a flight. My excitement quickly turned to panic when I realized the flight we really wanted was no longer available. We were hoping to be on the direct flight from Atlanta to Moscow. I found a few options, but I wasn't sure. I knew R would be home in 15 minutes, so I waited for him to come home, and then we made the decision together to fly Delta from Atlanta to NY to Moscow. We really wanted a direct flight, but this is the next best option, and the price was good. Once the flight was booked, we started to breathe a little easier.

R had taken the rest of the afternoon off, so we could get everything done. Then we started working on the visa application. I called our agency, and K. walked me through the form, and that helped. R proofread everything twice, and we quadrupled checked to make sure we had everything in the FedEX envelope - passports, return airbill, money order, applications with photos, travel confirmation and voucher. He took it to FedEx and sent it on its way. We did next day processing, so we're hoping to have our visas by Thursday at the absolute latest.

Then I took care of our travel insurance and printed all the documents for our carry-on.

About 4:00pm, everything was done, and we gave each other a big hug! We were both so happy but also completely drained and exhausted. For the last 2 weeks, neither one of us has slept well. We went right then and took a long nap. We collapsed into the bed and slept very deeply for 2 1/2 hours! After we got up, we ate some dinner, and now we're just letting it all sink in. We're going to Russia! We meet our baby in 10 days! (I will be counting the hours!) It is so amazing, and we feel very blessed. Everything has fallen into place. We are so thankful to God.

P.S. We're taking the weekend off. No computer Saturday or Sunday. Tomorrow we're going to see my sister. We're all going to Target to pick up the last few items on our packing list, then have dinner, watch a movie, just hang out and relax. We're going to spend the night at her new house, and come home Sunday afternoon. It will be so nice to spend some time with A., especially before the baby comes. This will be our break from all the tension of the last 2 weeks. I can come back refreshed, and then finish my packing on Monday!


Mark and Sinziana said...

Way to go, girl! Have a great relaxing weekend!

Michael and Carrie said...

Congratulations on getting your official travel dates! Things have moved so quickly for you all! Are you all also with CSS? It seems like families are getting to travel very fast with that agency! How wonderful! Best wishes as you pack and prepare to meet your little one! :)

Joy said...

Ana, It sounds like you have everything under control. I could not be happier for you both.

Tiger & Kar said...

Hey! Hoping your visit with your sis went very well and that you got home safely.

Tracy said...

I hope that you enjoyed your weekend! congratulations on getting travel dates!