Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the last of the paper chase

We got our FBI clearances notarized, and sent them FedEx to be apostilled. That should be our last thing to be apostilled and submitted! Yay! Today was a busy day. I got pictures printed for our court photo album, ordered a black jacket & skirt to wear for court, and ordered a replacement luggage lock for the one we lost in customs in Atlanta (R was too distracted by the loss of his sandwich to close the lock, and it fell off!) I'm almost finished catching up on the laundry, and I've already started making a pile on the bed in Eli's room of things we'll be taking on our next trips.

I'm still really feeling the jet lag. I'm just dragging. R went back to work yesterday, and is feeling ok.

We got a great surprise in today's mail! My aunt and uncle sent baby stuff for Eli! (Thanks N. and J.!!!) The cutest little clothes (size 12 months), books, a plate (his first dish!), and a 2 cd set of lullabies. I'm going to copy the cd's to my laptop, so we'll have them in Moscow. I loved all that they sent! It really made my day.

Missing Eli so very much. This waiting is SO much harder than waiting on a travel date.
Plesae pray for God to take care of him until we can bring him home, where he belongs.


Tiger & Kar said...

Everything in Eli's care package is so cute! I especially love the little frog outfit.

I had to laugh (okay, snort! so attractive...) when I read how distracted R was with the lost sandwich that he didn't notice the lost lock!

Becky and Keith said...

I love the green outfits! Too cute! :-) What a nice gift from your aunt and uncle! I can just imagine how hard the wait between trips is... I'm dreading that moment more than the first trip wait! I hope you get a court date very, very soon!

Beth said...

I second it - the wait is HARD! Love the care package your aunt and uncle sent. I am with Karyn, love the frog outfit!