Thursday, February 7, 2008

almost there

I can't believe there is only 1 more day before we leave! I'm not even sure what I'm feeling right now. A little anxiety and lots of excitement. We will meet our baby in 4 days! It still hasn't totally sunk in that THIS IS IT. We're about to become parents. It's really happening. Our lives are about to change forever, in the best way possible.

I hadn't planned on today being so busy, but it really was. I guess that was good, because it helped the time to pass. I talked to my family, and it was emotional, because I've never traveled this far away from them before. I had good conversations with all 3 of my sisters. My mom gave me a wonderful card, that I tucked into my carry-on. (Mama, I loved what you wrote!)

I cleaned the house and finished the last of the laundry. I went to the drugstore and got some Airborne (thanks again, Lori!)

I waited all day for FedEx, for our FBI clearances. When we got back from the drugstore about 6:30pm, I realized we hadn't checked the mail today. When R brought the mail in, there they were! They arrived a day before the deadline we requested. It never occurred to me that they would send them regular mail, especially when I had enclosed a FedEx airbill. I was worried they would arrive while we were gone, so I was so relieved. We can have them notarized and apostilled as soon as we get back from Moscow.

Last night, I had emailed the US Embassy in Moscow to verify that they had received our USCIS approval. They emailed this morning saying they had indeed received it! Another piece of good news.

Not much left to do tomorrow. We asked our pastor to come by, so he's coming tomorrow afternoon to talk to us and pray with us before we leave. That should help to calm us down. Then the plan is to try to nap, since we're leaving around 1:30am to drive to Atlanta.

Not too much longer now! I wish our baby could know that we are coming. Maybe God will put it in his/her heart.


Michael and Carrie said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip! You all our in our prayers! Try to relax and enjoy meeting your little one! Take lots of pictures, and try to remember all of the special moments of your first meeting together.

Rob said...

As much as we're oh so ready to get home, I wish we could be here when you guys get here. But we'll be ships passing in the night - almost literally, I suspect.

Be sure to blog once you're in Moscow so we can still keep up with your progress!

God bless & safe travels!

Heather & Jason said...

Peace be with you and God bless your journey!

Denise and Mike said...

How exciting. I can't wait to read all about your time in Moscow. How smart to email the embassy to make sure they had your approval, guess I should do that too. I learn so much from your blog! Have a wonderful trip! God is with you, just remember that!