Monday, February 25, 2008

loooong days

The days are passing SO slowly right now. Time is just crawling. At least the house is very clean now. I'm trying to stay busy, but no matter what I do, the time just isn't passing quickly enough. This evening, R and I sat together and looked at all our photos of Eli. This is so much harder than I expected.

Please continue to keep Eli in your prayers.


Denise and Mike said...

I am just catching up, sorry to hear about the delay. Have they actually given you a date to keep in mind? Your whole family is in my prayers. I hope you can find some things to do that will make the time fly. I know God is watching over Eli and I bet he is just as excited to have mama and papa back soon, too. Hang in there.

Joy said...

I was talking with some family members this weekend and bringing them up to speed with the adoption. Then it hit me that my baby is born and out there somewhere.

I can not imagine what you are going through. I just hope that the time starts to pass quicker for you both.

Beth said...

Oh, Ana I know just how hard this is for you. We had 4.5 months between trips for Luca and I almost lost my mind. I think I walked around in a continual fog with my heart aching. My only advice is to keep as busy as possible. I found keeping a journal and writing to him to help also. He now loves for me to read him his "love letters" as he calls them.

Tiger & Kar said...

Beth has a great suggestion to write Eli letters. I love that idea!