Tuesday, December 4, 2007

still no news

Well, R called the doctor’s office yesterday. My medical letter has not been completed yet, and he asked them to call as soon as it was finished so we could go pick it up. They didn’t call yesterday afternoon, so I emailed the office this morning. We’ll continue contacting them until we have the letter. This is the last thing we need for our home study, and I really want our home study to be finished!

Problem with blogger. All the images in my blog have disappeared, so this afternoon, I’m going to try to reload them. I want to print this blog for our child, so I really need for the images to be there. Annoying.

Well, I think I fixed the problem with the photos. I transferred them all to photobucket. From now on, I will let them host all the images, instead of uploading them directly to blogger. And that way, I'll have a backup. Now if only the doctor's office would call, all my problems for the day would be solved!

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