Wednesday, December 12, 2007

home study approval

Talked to C. at our agency late this afternoon, and we finally have approval on our home study! Initially, she had some concerns about some things in our home study and how was written, and I was very worried. After we discussed it more, she thinks it will be ok for the Moscow region! If we end up with a referral from Kemerovo, Tula, or Kaluga, we will need at least one additional visit with our social worker and an addendum to our home study. We will cross that bridge later if we come to it. Unless things change, chances are very good that we will be going to the Moscow region! I am excited about that!

Quite an emotional roller coaster today, from the lows of worrying about the home study being rejected to the highs of home study approval and thinking about going to Moscow. R. and I wore ourselves out thinking about it all. And he definitely has a cold. Some of the people he works with have it too, so it's going around. We're going to spend the rest of the evening just trying to relax and calm down!


Tiger & Kar said...

Yay! Congratulations Ana & Russ. So happy you were able to speak with C and get all of this worked out. You'll be in our prayers as you wait for the next step!

Christine said...

Congrats! I know how happy I was to finish our homestudy.

Troy and Rachel said...

That's great news!! Congrats on another completed step.