Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas gifts for our child

Time to update! We had a great Christmas, even though we did not have as much time with family as we had hoped. My sister and her family had to return home early, and R's brothers did not come after all.

We got some wonderful gifts for the baby. I had so much fun opening everything. R's mother gave us a set of matryoshka dolls, which are nesting Santas. The matryoshka dolls were on my list of Russian things that I wanted our child to have, so I was very happy to get them! My sister gave us some wooden alphabet blocks with the Russian alphabet on them! We both loved those. I gave R the book A Little Story About a Big Turnip which is based on a Russian folk tale. I'm glad we already have some things for our child which reflect his/her Russian heritage.

Our child also got a rubber ball (perfect for playing in the backyard) a Pat the Bunny book and bunny (I just love that book!) a fabulous wooden snail pull toy, bibs, a This Little Piggy hand puppet/book that I can't wait to play with, a little plaque that says "heaven sent" that I'm going to put on the nursery door, and a boo boo bunny! I know with the hardwood floors in our house our little one is going to fall at some point and that boo boo bunny will really come in handy!

We also got stuff for our trip, lots of travel size items and containers, which we really needed. I put all the stuff on the bed in the nursery, so now I've officially started the packing process!

I had so much fun putting all the stuff in the nursery. Except for putting the crib together, it looks ready for our child to come home!

Our family was so wonderful and all the gifts were so thoughtful. We love you all so very much.

Last Christmas, we hadn't made the decision to adopt. We loved sharing Christmas with our family and watching Gracie and Nathan enjoy their Santa Claus, but it was bittersweet for me too, because there was the sense of not having that joy in our own lives. This Christmas was very different. As I watched them enjoy their Santa Claus this year, I kept thinking about how wonderful next Christmas will be with our child, and I experienced the joy more fully. Even though our child is not with us yet, that sense that we are missing something is gone.



Tiger & Kar said...

What great gifts! I love the alphabet blocks. Do you know where your sister got them??

Have a great new year!

Beth said...

What wonderful gifts for your little one! I, too, would love to know where your sister got the alphabet blocks - they are adorable!

Troy and Rachel said...

Awesome gifts - the blocks are way cool!! Sounds like a fun Chrsitmas with lots of great surprises!

ana & russ said...

The blocks came from:

I can't wait until our child is here, and we're using them to make towers in the living room!

Dede said...

I like the alphabet blocks too. Maybe I can find some in Moscow on our next trip.