Saturday, December 8, 2007

another good day & some russian radio

Great news this morning. My sister M., her husband J., and their son N. are coming for Christmas! We didn't think they were going to be able to be here, and we're so excited!

I found a website with internet radio stations from Russia. (I don't read much Russian at all, but I figured out how to get around on the site. In the numbered list, just click on the bold word underlined in blue, and it opens a new page with the streaming station. ***update: I just realized that at the top of the list on the right, you can click on "Eng" and read the list in English. Most helpful.) I have enjoyed listening to the different stations this afternoon. It's fun to hear the language and imagine being there soon!

I checked our account in Quicken this afternoon, and so far, we have spent $4400 on this adoption. (That includes certified documents, vaccinations, passports, USCIS fees, new luggage, agency application fee, used laptop to take with us, and home study). Wow. I was a little shocked by that. R. wasn't surprised at all. We have done a good job so far of sticking to our budget, and we will continue to save where we can. But all that really matters is having this baby home with us, and soon!


Troy and Rachel said...

Sounds like you are making great progress with your papers and are well on your way to your child. I'll have to check out the radio website too. Thanks for sharing.

Tiger & Kar said...

THANK for the radio website! This is awesome!