Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We finally received my medical letter from the doctor today. R picked it up late this afternoon. I emailed the social worker to see if she will be in her office Friday afternoon, so that we can drop it off, along with the corrected draft of the home study document. Once we do that, our home study will be complete, ready to go to DSS and then on to immigration! I'm so excited!


Tiger & Kar said...

Hi Ann & Russ - just wanted to introduce myself (especially since we're using the same agency!). I found you blog on Eric, Michelle & Caden's. It sounds like you're on the same time line as my husband and me. We're waiting for a few things to come in for our Home Study to be complete and are hoping that it will be ready to go by next week.

Anyway, we're sending best wishes your way & have added your family to our prayer list! Feel free to stop by our blog anytime.
Karyn & Norm

Troy and Rachel said...

Sounds like things are moving along. Glad the medical report was finally finished. I dread having to update that form again!