Monday, December 10, 2007

home study on its way

This morning, our social worker sent our home study to our agency. If they don't find any errors, we should be receiving our copies soon. Another step forward!

I emailed our agency to let them know the home study was on its way, and to find out about our time line. Based on what others have said, I'm thinking we could be traveling in Feb., but I'm not sure. No email from them today, so I'm hoping to get one from them tomorrow.

The weather was so beautiful today. Way too warm to feel like December. R. and I took a walk when he got home from work. I had happy thoughts about pushing a stroller through our neighborhood.

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Tiger & Kar said...

Hi! C reviewed our HS yesterday, even though the fingerprints for my mother-in-law are still MIA. She had 3 minor questions for us, which we answered today. It sounds like we are pretty much in the same spot as you right now! We thought we might travel late January but with the delays in the HS, it's looking more like Feb. now. It would be great if we traveled together!

Shoot me an email when you have a chance - I have another email address for C that you may not have.

Have a great night & good luck with the HS! (Pray we finally get the missing fingerprints so we can move forward!)