Sunday, December 30, 2007


On Friday, we drove 2 hours to get our dossier apostilled. It was very hard to turn loose of it and give it to the receptionist to take to the back! That was the 1st time the dossier has been out of our hands since we started the process. After waiting for 45 minutes, it was done, but with one problem. R's employment letter was not correct. It was signed and then notarized by the same person, and that's not allowed. :(

So, as soon as R. goes back to work on Wednesday, he'll get another employment letter and we'll FedEx it to be apostilled. Shouldn't really cause us any time delay, but it's really annoying!

We had good news yesterday though! We got a letter from the Dept. of Social Services. They approved our home study and sent it to immigration on Dec. 21! That means we should have our 171-H in a few weeks! We were both so relieved!



Susan & Randy said...

Look at all those beautiful apostilles! Sorry you still have one more to handle. Does your state require your home study to be approved first through some state agency before it can be sent to USCIS?

ana & russ said...

Yeah, we're in SC, and they require that the Department of Social Services approve our home study before it goes to USCIS. DSS is the same state agency that handles all foster care and domestic adoptions. It seems to just be a formality, but it adds about 2 extra weeks. SC does allow fingerprinting before the home study is completed, so it all evens out in the end. I'm just glad we're done with all that now! :)

Tiger & Kar said... Beck said, Blogger is mean! I keep trying to post a comment but keep getting error messages. Hopefully this one will work.

Anyway, I've been trying to congratulate you! It must feel great to have everything apostilled. Congrats!

In VA we don't have to send our homestudy to DSS. But we are still waiting on the whole fingerprint thing to correct itself so our homestudy isn't even done yet! Grrr... Oh, also in VA we cannot submit our I600A and have the fingerprint appt set up until the homestudy is complete and attached. I feel like we're so far behind! Oh well, in time I suppose it will work out.

So, so happy for you & Russ though!

Beth said...

Congrats Ana and Russ! You are one step closer to your little one :)

Troy and Rachel said...

Very pretty apostilles - we had the same trouble with Troy's original employer letter. Since I am a Notary - I caught it right away, but still - what a pain! I hope you get the new letter quick and you're almost there!!

ana & russ said...

Karyn, I know what you mean about feeling behind. We have felt that way for this whole process. It took us 3 months just to get our agency application done. I felt like everyone on the planet was getting their paperwork done faster than we were, and it still feels that way at times, especially since it will probably be 2 more weeks before we have the medical forms for our dossier completed. I watched other families get everything done and submitted, and it felt so frustrating. Things will work out for us all. Hopefully, this time next year, we'll look back on all this paperwork and understand why the timing was the way that it was. Every time we have a delay, I keep telling myself that maybe our baby just isn't off the registry yet. I'm so glad we can share our experiences. It really helps a lot!

Beth said...

Ana - I rushed and rushed with paperwork for our first adoption. I thought the faster I worked at it the faster I would have my baby. Around every corner we had some paperwork delay that was out of our hands - it was sooo frustrating!
Looking back, if we had everything completed according to my schedule, Luca would not have been off the registry. We were meant to parents him - there are too many coincidences (or "God Winks" as Karyn says!) for me not to firmly believe that the perfect child for our family was chosen for us and all the delays were necessary.
It is hard to wait, but as someone who waited (and waited and waited) I promise you that after your baby is in your arms, the wait will become a much so that you'd do it again in a heartbeat (yep, that is why we are on the road to #2!) Thinking of you!