Thursday, March 20, 2008

serious nesting

I have really been in the nesting phase for the last 2 days! I've been working in Eli's room. I unpacked all the fabulous toys my sister M. brought and got them organized. We have a lot of things here in the house now that belonged to my nephew, and I really love that. There are such happy memories from seeing N. playing with those toys, wearing those precious outfits, and sleeping in that crib.

I ironed the comforter cover she brought, and put it on the twin bed in his room. R. took the crib (still in pieces, but only until this weekend), and moved it into our room. We want Eli to sleep in the room with us, at least to start. He has never slept in a room alone before. I've been washing the baby clothes (such adorable little outfits), and there is a load in the dryer right now. I've hung the 18 month clothes in his closet. Tomorrow, I'll take the clean and cute clothes and start packing them in ziploc bags (1 outfit + socks per bag!) for the 3rd trip. (Thanks again to Lori for that great tip!)

By the end of this weekend, I'll have all the packing stuff removed from his room and into the guest room. Then I'll be ready to take a picture of his new and improved room, just in time for court next week. (And also to post in the blog!)

Just to keep life interesting, our heater decided to stop working this week! We think it's the thermostat. The repairman is coming Monday morning, bright and early. We're hoping it's just the thermostat, and nothing more serious. Thankfully this didn't happen while we were in Russia, or even worse, after we bring Eli home.


Aaron & Dana Craven said...

I can totally understand your nesting! I have done this many times it seems like since we started our adoption process. I know there are more to come but at least you can get lots done before the baby comes home. This way you will have all summer to focus on your little guy!!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi! I hope your heater is now working! I have been nesting too since we began the process (a little too early to start). I can only imagine how intense the nesting must get when you are so close!! Have fun!!