Saturday, March 22, 2008

bad dreams

I had bad dreams last night. I dreamed that we really overslept. I was hurrying and rushing around, trying to get everything together and get out the door, but I wasn't able to. There wasn't time for us to drive to Atlanta and catch the flight to Moscow. Then I dreamed I got online, and tried to change our flight to the next day, so we could still make it to Moscow in time for court. I dreamed when I finally found a flight, it was $9000, and we couldn't afford it! Thankfully, that's when I woke up, and realized we aren't leaving for another week!

I do seem to have more anxiety about this trip than I had about the first one. I think that's because I'm really dreading having to leave my son again. I'm excited about seeing him again, but I hate that we have to leave him again. I know he doesn't understand, and I'm sure it's confusing for him, and it's definitely very hard for me. I wish we could skip the 2nd trip, and just go straight to the 3rd trip, when we'll take him out of the orphanage and have him with us forever.

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sally & carlos said...

SO agree, it feels like going to the dentist for some serious work: I know it needs to be done, but I'm trudging along towards a goal that's one step removed. Well, onward, and at least we'll meet up with some great new friends. Sally :-)