Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We now have flights and apartments reserved for both trips, and we also received our invitation to travel, so we can send our visa applications to the consulate in NY later this week. After waiting for the last few weeks, it felt great to get all that accomplished.

We'll be staying in the Smolenskaya district of Moscow. After being across the street from the Casino on the last trip, we going for something a little more residential and with better views this time. On our 2nd trip, we'll have a fabulous view of the Moscow River. On the 3rd trip, we'll be overlooking a courtyard with trees. I will enjoy that more.

Less than a month now - only 26 days - until we see our Eli again!


Tiger & Kar said...

Yay! I know you're feeling so relieved now. I'm glad you were able to get the apartments you were hoping for. Hopefully time passes quickly and you'll be able to see Eli again before you know it!

Joy said...

How cool is that! I bet you are so excited to get back to Russia.
It must feel so good to have these plans all firmed up.

Brenda & Rick said...

I bet you are excited beyond words. Reading your posts brings back memories of our wait to hear the word of returning and the excitement and relief we felt when we got the confirmation. I read your post "notes from trip one"... We took the exact same book (animal touch and feel)for Lina. She still has it. We also did the same thing with the blanket we gave her on trip one... We still have that as well.. Enjoy your 2nd(and 3rd)trip. Take lots of pictures and video of the area... You will be glad you did...