Tuesday, March 25, 2008

packing and more packing

The packing is now 99% done! Everything is crammed in there, except for the last minute items to throw in the carry-on. We're taking the same 2 bags we took on the 1st trip, a 25" wheeled duffel and a 19" suitcase. We have food, clothes, a few toys for Eli, some of our gifts, and our orphanage donation.

We got some fabulous moccasins from Hanna Andersson to take. Katia had told us they needed shoes, and when we saw Eli wearing booties that were too small, we were more than convinced! These moccasins have soft leather soles and sock tops, so they wouldn't hinder a baby learning to walk. They also fit a range of sizes, so babies could wear them longer. And they weren't made in China, which was very hard to find. I hope that the orphanage director likes them.

I can't believe we're going in just a few days, and in less than a week, I'll be giving my Snuggle Bunny lots of hugs and kisses!


Tiger & Kar said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE these little mocassins! So cute!

BTW - you've got mail about this!

sally & carlos said...

LOVE those Hanna Anderssen's--made in Sweden probably :-). Can't wait to see you guys--rest up! Sally

Troy and Rachel said...

Those macassins are gorgeous. I love them!! Sounds like you are doing well with packing! We will start a couple days before we leave - I pack best under pressure!! It won't be long now!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Those are the cutest mocassins!! Sounds like you are so ready for your trip!! Best always! Teresa