Wednesday, March 19, 2008

news about our boy

God blessed us today with some news about our sweet Eli. M. and L., another family with our agency, were in Moscow a few days ago for their court trip. They went to the orphanage on Sunday. They asked about Eli, so they could pass along some news. They were allowed to see him! He has grown a little and his curly hair is a little longer. He is crawling much better than last month. She said he is fast now! He can sit up on his own now (he was a little unsteady when we were there.) The best news of all is that he is healthy. I was so relieved to hear that.

I did some packing today, and I also worked in Eli's room. I hung his clothes in his closet, and I put his toys in the toy box that my sister brought me. I sorted through the stuff I had stacked on the twin bed in his room, and now I have all the stuff for the 3rd trip together. It's starting to look like a baby will be living here soon! Very exciting! We see our sweet Snuggle Bunny in less than 2 weeks, and if all goes as planned, we take custody in less than a month!


Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi!! That is so great that your friends got to see Eli on their trip and update you. That is so cute that he is crawling fast!!Soon you will all be together!! Warmest wishes...Teresa

Troy and Rachel said...

Wow - that is wonderful that you got to hear some news! 2 weeks should go pretty quick!

sally & carlos said...

Unrelated comment, but I thought of you and Russ when I came back through airport security yesterday and (silly me) I had a bottle of wine in carry on. The TSA official said I'd have to throw it out and I said "you can't throw it out, it's Italian!" He gave me a look, took the bottle, and said he'd "see if he could get someone to take it." Wonder if they paired it with Russ's sandwich?! Time is passing...speeding up slightly this week. Sally