Sunday, March 30, 2008

moscow - trip 2 - day 2

Here we are, back in Moscow again! We just arrived at our apartment, and we're relaxing, while watching the Russian version of "What Not to Wear"!

We've had a great trip so far. Yesterday morning, our drive to the Atlanta airport was fine. We listened to the radio and enjoyed our time in the car together. Traffic wasn't too heavy. We saw Lisa at the gate. She arrived right shortly before we boarded, and we enjoyed talking to her for a minute.

Our flight was on time, and didn't seem as long as it did on our first trip over. We slept some, but not enough. My legs are just too long! I just can't get comfortable enough in that tiny space to really sleep well. The couple sitting behind us was also adopting with our agency. They are from NC. I really enjoyed talking to them. We traded email addresses, so we can keep in touch.

We did not feel anxiety this time. Knowing what to expect when we arrived made all the difference. When we landed, I felt full of God's peace. We didn't have to wait long at Passport Control, and were waived through customs, so that went very smoothly. When we walked around the corner, there was Katia waiting for us. It was so good to see her again.

When we left the airport, it was warm and sunny. Beautiful Moscow weather. Anton is our driver again this time, and we're happy about that too. We drove through the city, and there was no snow this time. We stopped at a small grocery store, and we got bread, cheese, ham (of course R has to make more sandwiches!), milk, and water.

Then we arrived at our apartment. We're in a older building, built right after WWII. Great architecture. I'll be taking pictures later when I'm not so tired! We like this apartment much better than the one we had on the first trip. A cosmonaut lived in this building, so it is historic, with a plaque in front. Also writers, artists, and grandchildren of Communist Party officials have lived in this building. We have a fantastic view of the Moscow River.

Now we're going to take a nap before we do anything else. We're feeling the jet lag! We'll be going to Kolomna to see our sweet Eli on Monday and Tuesday, and we're very excited about seeing him again tomorrow!

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Tiger & Kar said...

So happy to hear you made it safely. When you have time, email me the name of your apartment. It sounds great!

Hopefully you'll meet up with Susan & Randy and the other couple you met on the plane. Are they there for their first trip?

We'll be praying for you all week. Have a great trip & give Eli a hug from both of us!

God Bless!
Karyn & Norm