Wednesday, March 5, 2008

checking off the list

I was able to check off some things on the to do list today. We sent our visa applications to the Russian Consulate in NY. I put the pictures in our photo album for court. I also mailed a greeting card request to the White House. Hopefully, we'll receive a card signed by the President to commemorate his new citizenship. I thought it would be a neat item for his baby book. From our Congressman's website, I ordered a flag that will be flown over the US Capitol on the day he becomes a citizen. Right now, I'm interested in anything that celebrates his arrival in the US!


Heather & Jason said...

Wow! What great ideas! I think they are wonderful- and perfect for announcing the arrival of your son. Thanks for sharing with us you plans- I would have never thought of the flag or greeting card.

Becky and Keith said...

Those are awesome ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! So unique and something to have forever! :-)

Michael and Carrie said...

That's really cool! I did not know you could do that!

By the way, we will be in Moscow during some of the same time you all will be there. Please stay in touch and maybe we can meet in person! :)