Wednesday, November 28, 2007

moving forward

Well, I survived the physical! This was a new doctor for me. He has been R's general physician for 16 years now, but this was my first time to see him. I liked him, and I think I'll continue to use him in the future. He was supportive of our adoption, and said that he'd write the medical letter for me this week. As soon as I have it, our home study will be finished and ready to go to DSS. Yesterday, I got the draft of the home study from our social worker too. More progress!

We broke down and applied for a credit card today. We got a mastercard with a $3000 limit. We're worried about going over our adoption budget, so that will give us a cushion to cover any emergency expenses or plane ticket troubles. We haven't had a credit card in almost 4 years now, so it felt strange to be applying for one again.

Last night, we told our neighbor across the street that we are adopting. She is so excited for us, and thrilled that we'll have a baby on our street! Turns out she has traveled to Russia. Don't know what the circumstances were, but she said she went during the Communist era. (I'll definitely be getting the story about that from her later!) It's very interesting that on our little street in our small town that not only will we have traveled to Russia, but our neighbor has been as well.

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