Thursday, November 15, 2007

exciting day

We got the date for our home visit! Our social worker is coming on Tuesday morning, Nov. 20. I'm not dreading it anymore. I'm excited about it, because it will be a HUGE step forward for us, bringing us so much closer to traveling and meeting our baby. So I'll be cleaning and getting the house ready this weekend. You're all more than welcome to come help me!

The snail brought a fantastic package from my aunt and uncle! (Thank you N. and J.! It really made my day!) It felt like Christmas had come early! They sent me a gorgeous baby afghan that she knitted, as well as an adorable blanket and beautiful baby quilt that she made. They also sent a bib that she cross-stitched with "yummy" on it, a super soft stuffed dog, and 5 Little Golden Books ("The Saggy Baggy Elephant", "The Little Red Hen", "Baby Animals", "The Poky Little Puppy", "The Happy Man and his Dump Truck"). I was excited to see those, because I love those stories and didn't have them yet. It was a wonderful surprise, and I loved it!

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