Tuesday, November 13, 2007

home study paperwork almost done!

Today's snail brought the third reference letter that we needed for our home study. (Thanks again, D!) We now have all the paperwork completed for the home study, except for my medical letter. I have a physical scheduled for Nov. 27, so we will have that by the end of the month. I just emailed our social worker about scheduling our home visit. Finally!

The house is 90% ready. Maybe 95%. We still have cabinet latches, smoke detectors, and baby gates to install, as well as a few pictures to hang, but we think we can get it done. And we still need to put the crib together too! Ok, maybe just 90% ready!

The home study is such a big hurdle. I'm not looking forward to the home visit. Having a stranger come to the house to examine it and then talk about our personal life will be difficult, and I'm dreading it. Of course, it's probably much worse in my imagination than it will be in reality. I'm just ready to have it over and done with, because having it done brings us one step closer to our child.

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