Friday, November 16, 2007

another baby gift

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My mother brought over a gift for the baby this morning. It's a fabulous advent calendar. It has people of the world in the little pockets. They are puffy and just adorable! I was surprised to see that he pocket for December 22, which is my birthday, holds the little man from Russia. It's a sign! We know this adoption is God's will for us. I just love this calendar, and can't wait to use it every year. It will be a nice part of our family Christmas tradition for many years to come.
(Thanks, Mama!)

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No other adoption news today. I did do some cleaning in preparation for the home study, and R. is planning to hang some pictures tonight when he gets home from work.

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Troy and Rachel said...

Hi Ana and Russ. I wanted to stop by and introduce myself. We are Rachel(& Troy) and we also have a blog. We have been waiting a little over 6 months in Vlad for a referral.

I'll be adding you to my blogroll so I can follow on your journey and hope the homestudy visit goes well!!