Sunday, April 20, 2008

moscow - trip 3 - day 9

Another fussy afternoon. Just like yesterday, his afternoon nap was only 1 hour, and that isn't long enough. He is still tired and overstimulated. We have figured out that his limit is about 2 hours of interaction/play, and then he is just drained. It was the same when we visited him in the orphanage. He always fell asleep before our visiting time was over, after we had been with him for about 2 hours. Now, instead of falling asleep, he gets wild.

I tried giving him a bath again before dinner, but it didn't work as well tonight. He splashed for just a few minutes, and then started trying to crawl out of the sink. He ate well, and after dinner, he was fussy again immediately. R tried holding him and walking him around the apartment, and that worked, but only for a very short time. Finally, I remembered that I had downloaded the lullaby cds onto my laptop, so I played one, and that worked instantly! He relaxed and just listened. After about 20 minutes, he fell asleep, and we put him in the crib a few minutes after 7:00pm. We're hoping he'll sleep through the night.


Joy said...

The music was a great idea. I will have to put that on my list of things to do.
Even crying he is very cute.

LadyM said...

Ideas: swaddle tightly, yes even at his age, sway, "shhh" all ideas from the Happiest baby on the block. I also am reading Healthy sleep habits happy child, and you have intuitively picked up on what he believes. Sleep for a baby isn't down time- it is processing time and he has so much to process right now. I agree with Joy, he sure is a cutie when he cries. I just threw my lulliby cd in my bucket. thanks for the tip!

Adrienne and Jim said...

Owen calmed well to music also (and still does)--great idea! He also became very exhausted after being up and playing for just a couple of hours. Our schedule at first was something like this: up a lot during the night, up for good at 6 a.m., nap 8-9:30 or 10, up 10-1, nap 1-2:30 or3, up 3-7, bedtime at 7:30. A few months later, Owen was able to go to one nap/day 12-2, which is still his nap schedule.

Good for you for being so in tune with your child so soon! He really is so adorable even if he's overwhelmed and crying!

Tiger & Kar said...

Okay, I have to agree that Eli is absolutely adorable even when he is crying!