Tuesday, April 15, 2008

moscow - trip 3 - day 4

We FINALLY have Eli with us! Praise God!!!

We had a long and grueling day. We left the apartment at 9:15am, and finally reached Kolomna to pick him up at 4:30pm. Due to the never-ending Moscow traffic, we did not get back to the apartment with him until 8:10pm. We are all exhausted, but very happy to be together.


Gracie said...

YAY!!!!!! The pictures are so cute! I glad that we have Eli now. I can't wait to see him! Give him hugs a kisses for us!!!!

Love Gracie,Mama,and Lee

Tiger & Kar said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! He is such a little cutie! I love the curly-Q hair!

Gosh it didn't take 7 hrs to get to the orphanage, did it? I'm assuming there were stops in between??

I'm so happy this day finally got here for all 3 of you. Can't wait to hear he's on solid ground in the US!

Aaron & Dana Craven said...

Congratulations! Eli is so cute! You guys look so happy!

Dilworth Family said...

Congrats you three! What a beautiful family. Can't wait for more pictures!

Beth said...

Oh Ana!!! CONGRATS!! You and R. are just beaming in the family photo :) So glad that Eli is with you forever now. Wow! He has so much hair..Jaxon is still sporting the mohawk look Enjoy the beginning of your new life - soon you won't be able to remember what life was like before Eli! If you see Kathleen again, tell her Nick, Jaxon, and I are thinking of her and Megan and hope all is going well! Enjoy your week in Moscow - praying for less traffic for you guys!