Thursday, April 17, 2008

moscow - trip 3 - day 6

We had a nice day today with Eli! He woke up at 7:00am, after sleeping through the night again. He had breakfast of rice cereal mixed with fruit, and he inhaled it all. He is sleeping and eating so well. It's just amazing! He played for a while on the floor, pulling himself up on all the furniture. His legs seem strong, and his balance is pretty good.

About 9:00am R left, in the pouring snow, to take our paperwork to the Embassy. About 9:45am, I put Eli down for his morning nap, and he fell asleep immediately. All the change and stimulation is just wearing him out! He slept until 11:30, and woke up right after R came back. He ate a good lunch of Russian baby food (a mixture of meat, potatoes, and tomato, smelled like ravioli!) and squash. After playing for a while and a bottle, he was ready for his afternoon nap. We will be working with the bottle. He still hasn't figured out how to close his lips around the nipple, so when he sucks, some of the liquid goes in, but a lot goes down his chin and down his front. He also will not make eye contact while I'm giving him the bottle. He'll make good eye contact with me at other times. While I'm giving him the bottle, he turns his head all the way around to the right, so he can see the room.

After nap, I gave him a baby "mum-mum" which is a rice cracker similar to the Gerber puffs. He likes the taste, and has figured out how to chew it, but he can't hold it himself. His fine motor coordination is definitely behind. He gets frustrated often, because he'll try to do something with his hands, but then he just can't. This is something else we'll be working on. I also tried to give him a little juice for the first time. I had diluted it with water, because I didn't want it to upset his stomach. He almost choked on it at first! I don't think he's ever had a liquid so thin before. After a few tries, he drank about 1/2, but he definitely likes the formula better.

After dinner, we had another bath in the sink. He didn't cry at all. As soon as I put him in the water, he splashed and splashed! Once we're home, I think he'll really enjoy a bath with lots of toys! He even let me wash his hair without crying.

Tomorrow morning at 11:30am, we go to the Ministry of Education, with a gift of candy, so they can officially remove Eli from the database. Then we have our appointment at the Embassy at 2:00. It's so wonderful to finally be at that part of the process! After we leave the Embassy, we're going to the office, where we'll see Carol! I'm so excited that we'll have a chance to see her and that she'll have a chance to meet our Eli.

He is adjusting so well. He laughs and smiles and is very vocal. Considering how much change he has endured in the last 2 days, we are completely amazed at how well he is doing, and how quickly he is adapting. I can't wait to have him home, so he can really settle into a good secure routine. He is a delightful baby, and we love him so much.

p.s. Sorry there are no pictures today. I was so involved with Eli, I forgot to take any! We'll do better tomorrow!


Tiger & Kar said...

It sounds like everything is going so well! I'm so happy for you guys! Keep the updates coming - love reading them & getting caught up on everything Eli!

Troy and Rachel said...

Ana - we have an appt at 2 tomorrow also at the embassy - I hope we get to meet!!! Glad Eli is doing so well.

Gracie said...

Hey, Mama and I can't wait for you to come home. Mama told me to tell you that we need pictures! She said she knows your busy but that we are living for pictures! I love you, Russ, and ELI so much!!!!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Ana - Sounds like you are already pros at being parents!! That is wonderful how he has adjusted so well. He is so cute and he sounds like such a darling little baby. I am so happy for you all! Enjoy the rest of your trip!! Teresa

Becky and Keith said...

Your Embassy visit tomorrow! Almost done! YAY!!! I didn't realize that you have to go back to the MOE to take the Eli's name off of the databank. Good to know! Enjoy your day tomorrow - can't believe you had snow today.