Saturday, April 19, 2008

moscow - trip 3 - day 8

We spent today just hanging out in the apartment. Eli has been so overstimulated and tired, and he still was today, even though we didn't go anywhere. He's experiencing sensory overload, and his brain just doesn't know how to process it all yet. By late afternoon, he was really getting fussy. He only slept for an hour for his afternoon nap, and that wasn't long enough, considering how tired he was. I took my mom's suggestion and gave him a bath before dinner. That helped a lot. He is a total water baby. He splashed and splashed and stayed in there for 20 minutes! I think it helped to relax him. Then we fed him dinner, and he made some eye contact while I was feeding him. I gave him a bottle and then we put him to bed early, around 7:10pm, and after about 5 minutes, he was sound asleep. We are starting to understand him now, and are getting better at reading his moods and figuring out what he needs.

He actually hung on my leg for the first time today! It was so cute. He crawled over and then clung to my pants as he pulled himself up, and he said "ma ma ma". Of course, I picked him up and gave him lots of baby snuggles! He has me figured out already!

All the other families flew out today, and we were so jealous! We're SO ready to come home. Only 2 more days, and then we're on our way.

R practiced using our new Ergo baby carrier for the 1st time today. He thought it was more comfortable than just carrying all 20 lbs of Eli. I didn't like it as much as he did. I kept readjusting the straps, and never could get a fit that felt really comfortable. Eli liked it a lot though! We'll be using it in the airports on our trip home.


Adrienne and Jim said...

Eli is so adorable. Owen was also overstimulated very easily. It sounds like you are doing a great job noticing these signs and adjusting as much as you can. It's hard when you have appointments you have to go to! Holding him as much as possible will help in these situations! It still helps Owen when he's around a lot of people or in new busy places, and he's been home 9 months! With the carrier, I learned that the tighter and higher up on my chest I could get Owen, the more comfortable mine was (I have a mei tai by Babyhawk).

Keep up the great work! Eli is absolutely precious!!

Shane & Marie said...

He is just too cute! The first few days in Moscow were rough for us as well. He will become such a different person and become more comfortable once you get home. Just 2 more days! I didn't find the baby carrier to be very comfortable either, but we did use it in Moscow. I am not sure if the carrier itself was not comfortable or if it was because I wasn't used to carrying around 20 pounds.

Tiger & Kar said...

Hey there! I'm thrilled things are still going so well. Iknow you're looking forward to finally getting him home, and I hope the remaining days in Moscow go quickly.

So, you're not liking the Ergo too much? As you know, I'm in the market for a carrier myself and am considering the HipPanda. I'd love to hear more about your likes & dislikes for the Ergo.

Eli is still as cute as ever!

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Ana! Only 2 more days! I am so happy for you guys! Eli is so cute and you all look so happy. Enjoy your last couple of days in Moscow! Warmest wishes...Teresa