Wednesday, April 2, 2008

moscow - trip 2 - day 6

In about an hour, we'll leave here and head for the airport. I am tired and also upset. I have been dreading this day for a while. I knew it would be hard to leave Moscow a 2nd time without Eli, and it is very difficult. Even though we will have him with us in 10 days, it just feels terrible to leave without him right now.

Please pray that God will be with him and comfort him until we pick him up on April 14.

Next post will be from home!


jeneflower said...

Congratulations on your court date! The 10 days will go by fast. There are always last minute things to do to get ready. Congrats again!

Tiger & Kar said...

Hi Ana! Prayers for safe travels and a very quick reunion with Eli are being sent your way. I can't wait to catch up once you're home and rested.

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Ana,
I can only imagine how exciting this time is to know that you will all soon be together, but also sad to leave Eli for a little while longer. Prayers for a safe trip and for time to go quickly until you are able to finally be together forever.
Best wishes! Teresa

Joy said...

Hang in there! You will be with him soon. I know that it is killing you to not be with Eli. His little life will change so much and all for the better once he is in your arms forever.
In my thoughts and prayers

Denise and Mike said...

God will be with Eli. Thank you for sharing about your visits and your court experience. Just keep looking ahead, it's going to go by quick, I am sure have things to keep you busy. Your family will be in our thoughts.

sally & carlos said...

Ana, it's amazing how packed the days are b/w Trips 2 & 3, so though it is so hard being away, preparation will make it fly...not to mention jet lag. Prayers for all of you. Sally