Sunday, October 26, 2008


Eli had a full day today. R took care of him all day so that I could sleep. (He is a wonderful husband and father!) I'm 35 1/2 weeks pregnant now. I have huge swollen feet, and I'm exhausted all the time. Mobility and energy are very limited. When I was upstairs resting, I heard Eli laughing and laughing. It turns out he was playing soccer for the 1st time! They were kicking the ball around, and he thought it was wonderful. Eli had played ball before, but just rolling on the floor or throwing. He had never used his feet to move the ball before.

This afternoon, R took him outside, and they were kicking the ball around in the grass. Eli fell, and scraped his upper lip. He cried, but calmed down when R picked him up. He really loves his daddy. R carried him inside. He was no longer crying and was calm. R and I were a lot more traumatized than he was! We cleaned the blood off his little face, and gave him lots of hugs and love. We got the Boo Boo Bunny out of the fridge, but he only wanted that for very short time. He held it on his lip himself, and that was adorable. We gave him some Motrin for the pain, and then he was ready for his bath. I was glad that we were able to comfort him.

He is very bonded to his daddy right now. Because of the pregnancy, I'm not able to do as much with Eli as I wanted, like getting down on the floor to play or running around outside. Every day, R takes care of him in the late afternoons and early evenings. They go for a stroll around the neighborhood, run around the backyard, sit on the floor and build towers with blocks, and R gives him his bath every night. They have fun together, and Eli loves being with his father. It's amazing how God's plan unfolds. If I had not been pregnant, R and Eli would not have had as much time together alone, and their bond would not be as strong as it is now. It makes me happy to see how close they are. Eli completely trusts his daddy to take care of him.

Eli is teething right now too. He has 2 teeth coming in on the bottom, one on each side. I know it has hurt, but it hasn't slowed him down much. We keep offering him the teething ring from the freezer, but he'll only use it for a minute or two. He doesn't like the teething biscuits at all. He does like the baby toothbrush, and will chew on that. He has been trying to say "teeth" for the last few days. It comes out "tee" but we know what he means!

Ouch! You can see the scrape above his lip. My poor baby!

His adorable Halloween pajamas! His left hand is blurry because he's waving at Mommy!


Anonymous said...
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Michael and Carrie said...

I hope Eli's owie is feeling better. It looks painful! Poor Eli. It is great that he and Russ are having such great bonding time, and hopefully you will all be able to play together soon once your baby girl arrives! I hope you are feeling well. You are getting so close to having two little ones! Could you have ever imagined at this time last year that you would have 2 children under 2 years old by the holidays this year? It's amazing how God works! :)

Tiger & Kar said...

Owie is right! Poor Eli and poor mommy & daddy! I'm glad Eli & R are getting this bonding time togehter, and I know you wish you could get down on the floor to play with Eli also. Soon though you'll have 2 little ones for extra joy in the house. I can't wait to hear that your baby girl has joined the group!

Troy and Rachel said...

Poor Eli!! Oh, the first of many, I'm sure - as it is with boys!! I'm glad he does so well with R and that you can rest!

Teresa said...

Aww - Poor little guy. Well, it sound like he is having a great time with his daddy! Such adorable pictures!

Joy said...

I love those PJs. Thank goodness you were both there to hold him after he got hurt. I really feel for you swollen feet can really be painful because the skin feels so tight.
Feel better and keep your feet up.