Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 months home

6 months ago today we came home with our beloved Eli!

He had his 1st late night tonight. Since we've been home, we haven't been anywhere at night, especially since he normally goes to bed around 7:00 or 7:15pm. We had an appointment at 8:10pm to have our picture made for the directory at church. It was the earliest appointment we could get. He did really well, considering how sleepy he was. The only time he cried was when the photographer suggested that he sit on a table instead of on my lap. He wanted one of us to hold him the entire time, which is a positive sign of attachment. The pictures turned out pretty well, and were our 1st formal photos as a family, which was a nice way to celebrate being home from Russia for 6 months.

Eli was so cute riding in the car. He looked at all the lights while he sucked his thumb. As soon as we got home, we put his pajamas on and put him in his crib. He was asleep immediately! It was almost 9:00pm, so I hope he sleeps well and doesn't feel tired tomorrow.

leaving the orphanage in Kolomna on April 15, 2008

6 months later, a much happier baby!


Joy said...

That smile is so adorable!! I hope you are feeling well.

Tiger & Kar said...

Look at those curls! Eli is so adorable! Congrats on your 6 month anniversary. Time flies, doesn' it?

AdoptaMama said...

What a great picture! Very cute.

Happy 6 months! Doesn't it feel great?

Troy and Rachel said...

Everyone is posting all these 6 months, one year homes etc. including me and I just can't believe the time has gone by already! Sounds like ELi did great for his first late night!

Teresa said...

Wow, Eli has been home for 6 months! You know, to me it seems as though he has been with you always. He is so happy and so cute! Enjoy your weekend!

Debbie B said...

Happy 6 months. He's cuter every day.