Thursday, October 2, 2008

6 random facts about me

I've been tagged by Kar! So now I have to pass along 6 random facts about myself. This is harder than it looks!

1. R and I got married on the 19th anniversary of our 1st date. It was definitely God's plan for us to be together, but it took us a few years to understand that and work out the details!

2. I love being a SAHM! I never knew I would enjoy it so much. I love spending time with my son.

3. I once met Lyle Lovett! Many years ago, I was working as a front desk clerk at the Holiday Inn in Athens, GA. He was in town to play a show, and was staying at the hotel. I only had the chance to talk to him briefly, but he was very nice.

4. I have a severe allergy to tree nuts. If I eat one, I have an anaphylatic reaction, and I've ended up in hospital ERs twice. I don't really enjoy going to restaurants, because I have to be so careful about what I'm eating.

5. I don't like to watch a movie unless I know it has a happy ending. My family has really teased me about this one!

6. The biggest fact (in more ways than one!) about me right now is that I'm pregnant at age 43. This is my 1st time ever to be pregnant, so it was quite an unexpected surprise and a little bit of a shock! Both of my children are miracles.

Now it's my turn to tag:
Rob and Dede

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Troy and Rachel said...

Fun to get to know those random facts! Late life babies are getting more and more popular and I don't consider 43 late life!!!

Teresa said...

Hi Ana, I recently turned 44, so you are an inspiration to me!
You are right, no matter how your family grows, it is always such a miracle! I am so glad you are enjoying your time at home with Eli!
Have a great weekend...Teresa

the Horvaths said...

I am finally taking a chance to say congrats on the pregnancy. I have been keeping up with your blog, but seldom make time to comment. You know how it can be. I hope you are feeling well! Keep up the good work mommy! Blessings to your family.

Dede said...

I have fulfilled my "tagged" duties finally! ;-)

marshawesttx said...

God bless you and your family. We too adopted and exactly 1 year later found out I was pregnant. I am 41 and my 2nd son is now 17 months. Our 1st son Sasha is now 5 years and it's been 3 years since he has been home with us. Boys are great and we have so much fun with them.

What I can say about being pregnant in your 40's, is that I would rather be pregnant at 40 rather than a grandmother at 40.
Also, just enjoy being pregnant and remember to take care of yourself.

All births are miracles and it's only God's plan to have your family grow like this.

God Bless you!!