Friday, December 5, 2008

less than 12 hours now

We're going to the hospital in less than 12 hours. My labor induction is scheduled for 6:30am. My mother picked up Eli at 4:30pm. He's only been gone for a few hours, but I already miss him terribly. It's too strange without him here. I won't see him again until Monday (when I come home from the hospital if I don't need a c-section). Since he spent the first 3 months of his life in a hospital, we decided that he wouldn't come to the hospital to visit me. He gets so upset around doctors and medical settings, and we don't want to cause him any additional trauma. R will see him Sunday afternoon, when he and my mother switch. He'll come home to rest and spend time with Eli, and my mother will come to the hospital to see us. (It's amazing to think that the baby will be here then!)

Please pray for Eli, and that this experience doesn't affect his attachment to me. I've been worried about that. For the last 2 weeks, he has had a strong preference for Daddy. If R is around, I don't exist. Intellectually, I understand attachment, but emotionally, it's SO hard. It's frustrating, because I want to snuggle him and hold him and kiss him, and he doesn't always want that from me at this point.

God has taken care of us all during this pregnancy. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as we welcome our precious daughter.


Tiger & Kar said...

Ana, I am so excited for your little girl's arrival! We will definitely keep your entire family in our prayers this weekend. Like you, I intellectually understand the attachment issues but it really is very, very difficult emotionally to deal with. We have also experienced times where I don't exist in Ilya's world if Norm is present. I know you'll be very busy with both kiddos once you're home, but if you need a shoulder you know how to contact me!!

I can't wait for your next update. Cyber hugs being sent your way and prayers being lifted up!


Michael and Carrie said...

Ana-I've been praying for you today and wonder if she is here yet! I imagine she is by now and look forward to hearing that things went well! I'll pray for Eli too as he makes the transition to having a new sibling and that he will continue to have positive attachment with both you and Russ.

Beth said... now your precious daughter is here! I hope all went well. We will keep you all in our prayers as you begin this new phase of family life. I, too worry about how the boys will adjust once our daughter arrives this spring - I will be asking for pointers :) Can't wait for the update and news of your daughter's arrival.

Debbie B said...

So excited for you. You're probably cuddling your little girl right now.

I'll keep Eli in prayer as you bring home his little sister.

Shane & Marie said...

So excited for you. Hope everything went well. Can't wait to hear more and see pictures.

Bagwell Bunch said...

Congratulations Ana & Russ! God has truly blessed you. This will be the most exhausting and exhilirating time of your life! Take hold of these moments for they fly by all too quickly. Your children will love you both and your family bonds will get stronger with time. Life as you knew it will never be the same, it will be better than before. God bless! Monique, Joey, Benjamin and Brady.