Saturday, August 30, 2008

15 months old

Our Eli is 15 months old today!

This past Thursday (Aug. 28) was R's birthday, his first as a father. Since he had to work, we just had a nice celebration at home. It also marked 1 year since Eli entered the orphanage in Kolomna. We hate that he had to spend 8 months there before we were able to bring him home. We are so thankful to God that he is no longer there, and that he is safely home with us.

We have been home for 4 months now (as of Aug. 22), and he continues to adjust. Some of my favorite moments are when he laughs (he has an amazing laugh) and when he puts his head on my chest for a snuggle. He'll only do that for a few seconds at a time, but he is initiating it, and that is so huge. We love our precious boy so much!

He's been walking for 6 weeks now. His balance is much better.

Love that smile!

Playing with Daddy

The Karen Katz books (with the flaps to lift) are his favorites right now.

This flag that was flown over the capitol the day we came home from Russia and he became a citizen, April 22. (I'm so glad that I requested it from our congressman's office.) We ordered the case, and I love how it turned out. We put it in his room, and it looks so good.

He has started using a spoon to feed himself, which is right on target for his age. And notice, he's using his left hand. Our son is left-handed!

1st taste of chocolate cake!
We were celebrating my sister Allison's birthday. He seemed to like it ok, but wasn't crazy about it.


Debbie B said...

Happy Birthday!

That's neat that you have the flag. If you haven't already thought of it you should get a little plaque to stick on it with the date and information. I know a place that does it here if you can't find one locally.
Eli is doing amazing. Cuter all the time.

Shane & Marie said...

Happy 15 months Eli. He is so cute! That is awesome that you have the flag. What a great story that will be some day.

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! Eli is such a doll - I just love those curls - I know I say that every time!! Our little guy is left handed too. Isn't it neat to watch them grow and change every day!

Michael and Carrie said...

Happy 15 months to Eli! I'm very impressed with his spoon abilities! And getting that flag was an awesome idea-something you all will always treasure! I hope you are feeling well Ana! :)